Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Reflections

It's been a long, sad week, and now we have the choice to extend that week or soldier on. Linda would make the second choice, so I must also. I'm not taking her blog link down, not yet. That would seem too final, but I did add her picture to the sidebar as a way of keeping her with us. 

Tomorrow, Resources for Writers will be back--a look at C. Hope Clark's several newsletters which I read weekly even if I don't read anything else that comes to my email. On Wednesday I'll be reviewing Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel by Hallie Ephron. I don't have a guest blogger lined up for Friday, so if anyone would like to reflect, promote, etc., shoot me an email. 

I've worked on several projects this week, received a rejection for a short story--it went into the shredder with a shrug, spent a lot of time listening to the wonderful Vera Lynn cds and reflecting on the project for which Linda shared my enthusiasm and for which she was already gathering ideas, ordered some resource books for another project, decided how I'll incorporate some of my crit partner's suggestions for the mystery novel--she always has good ideas, and chatted online several times with my long-distance writing friend Donna. 

It hasn't been 'business as usual', but it's helped. And, taking the title of another Vera Lynn song, "Tomorrow is a lovely day." Linda would smile and say, "Yes, it is."


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy~

It has been a long week, with lots of reflections. Linda wouldn't want us at a standstill for long. So off I go, to pillage and plunder the blogs and websites as I make my way through my days. Thanks for posting the pic, I "borrowed" it and will try to post it on my blog as well. Onto a new week...

K9friend said...

Lives goes on, and Linda would be the first one to tell us to live it.