Sunday, February 28, 2010

Resources for Writers #7: C. Hope Clark's Newsletters

          My in-box fills up daily with newsletters and other writing information that I have, at sometime in the past, signed up to receive. I try, at the least, to glance at all of them, but many are the victim of the “delete” key. However, there are two newsletters which I never delete and always read completely: C. Hope Clark’s “Funds for Writers” and her “Small Markets” Both are free.

            Here is a breakdown on their content, using the most recent issues as an example:
“Funds for Writers”
  • Article: How to Start Your Platform
  • Workshop listing
  • Article: How to Make Your 8-to-5 Job Work for Your Writing
  • Competitions (brief description and link to submission guidelines for 3 contests)
  • Grants (brief description and link to site for 3 writing grants)
  • Freelance Markets (brief description and link to 3 periodical markets)
  • Jobs (3 writing job descriptions and links)
  • Publishers/Agents (3 links to publishers of various genres)
  • Information on 3 writing retreats

 “Small Markets”
  • Article: Rules for Writing from Serious Writers…and Me
  • Workshop listing
  • Grants/Awards/Contests (5 listings)
  • Jobs/Markets (5 listings)

Archived articles found at

            Hope’s website is another must-read. There you can subscribe FREE to “Funds for Writers”, “Small Markets”, and “Writing Kids”, which has listings for young writers from elementary school through college. You can also subscribe for $15/year to “Total Funds for Writers” which arrives as 26 biweekly issues containing 75+ grants, competitions, markets, jobs, publishers, and agents. After realizing how valuable the free newsletters were, I recently (and totally without grudging a cent!) forked over for the paid subscription.

            In addition, you will find a number of Ebooks by Hope available at extremely reasonable prices: Short Story Writer, Agent in Your Pocket, Get PAID to Write, Laughing Markets, Markets for the Young Writer, Grants for the Serious Writer, The No Fee Contest Book, Funds for the Essayist, Short & Sweet: Markets for Fillers, Cooking Up Recipes,  and Quick as a Flash. I have ordered and downloaded Ferocious Promotion for Timid Authors and The Shy Writer. I recommend both.

            If you’re looking for more specific information, try Hope’s “Tweetebooks” for $1.99 each. Samples include: 20 short story markets, 20 publishers for your romance novel, 20 flash fiction markets, 20 publishers who consider memoirs, 20 women’s markets, and MANY more—plus more on the way.

            If you’re looking for VALUE, you’ll find it here—in the free newsletters, the Ebooks, and the Tweetebooks. Visit Hope’s website and look around. Your only cost is time which, of course, is money to a writer—but it will be time well spent!

FTC Disclaimer: I have not received any remuneration for reviewing and promoting these newsletters and the website.


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Thanks for the coverage!

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Thanks for sharing. I like Hope Clark's newsletters as well!

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Ooooooooooo, sounds like money well-invested!