Monday, February 8, 2010

News and Views

Sneaking in an extra blog this week because I have NEWS. The Showboat Affair received a contract from TWRP today. I am smiling!

So, with that going into edits soon, The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall about 3/4 of the way through a total rewrite after three rejections, Dancing with Velvet screaming for revision before submission can even be considered, and Diamonds Are Deadly, Darling in revision with an eye to submission--I have come up with a new project. Sigh.

Sometimes I listen to Pandora Radio online, and a song, "The Homing Waltz" caught my ear and interest, so I looked up the artist. She is (now Dame) Vera Lynn, known as the "forces sweetheart" in the UK during WW II--and for good reason. She traveled anywhere and everywhere to entertain "her boys", even requesting some of the most forward battle areas with no thought of personal hardship or danger. According to a good friend in the UK, this grand lady is, at the age of 93, much beloved. And--get this--her re-released songs are topping the charts in the UK, beating out more contemporary music and artists! (Here is a plug, too, for her recently published autobiography, Some Sunny Day, which I've urgently requested the local library to purchase. (I, as the requestor, will get first dibs on it, too!)

I digress. Dame Vera's signature song has always been "We'll Meet Again", a poignant rendering of lovers parting and hoping to meet again "some sunny day". I ordered the CD, "The Very Best of Vera Lynn: We'll Meet Again" and have been indulging myself in these classics since it arrived three days ago. Then I thought of three books sent to me by Linda, my friend across the pond, about the Wirral Peninsula where she lives. When I was writing fan fiction, I had thought of using Wirral as a setting for a story but never did. Now I know why--

My poor brain is churning with ideas for a new novel set in Wirral during World War II, where my lovers will have a brush with the lovely forces sweetheart. And, of course, since titles are not copyrighted, I will call it We'll Meet Again.

I.Am.Excited. (Possibly a little crazy, too--but the story must be told--and I'm going to do it--some sunny day very soon!


nlindabrit said...

Many, many congratulations on the new contract! I am so pleased for you.

As to your new project, I think I am nearly as excited about it as you are:)

K9friend said...

Congratulations, Judy! How very exciting...and well deserved, too!