Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting the New Year Right

The need to be more productive in 2010 is a given. Here's what's on tap for this year:

(1)  Awaiting acceptance or rejection for The Showboat Affair
(2)  Sent off "A Good Long Run" as a 'free read' for TWRP--awaiting acceptance or rejection
(3)  New article on "haunted theatres" for submission to History Magazine
(4)  Finish rewrite/revision of The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall to submit yet again (!)
(5)  Begin writing novel for submission to TWRP new "jewels of the night" series--must be in by 3/31 for
       inclusion in competition as 'lead-off' book
(6)  Find paying markets--goal is one submission/month
(7)  Work on yet another revision of 2008 NaNo novel Dancing with Velvet prior to submission somewhere
(8)  Work on self-publication of The Kate Chronicles (4 volumes)
(9)  Finish and publish website for #8
(10)Put marketing plan together for Where Is Papa's Shining Star? and Finding Papa's Shining Star for
       June 18, June 25 releases
(11) Eagerly awaiting February and results of WOW-Women-on-Writing Flash Fiction Contest--notified that
       I'd made it through the first cut
(12) Revise and rewrite 2009 NaNo novel Keeping Promises for possible submission

And last, but not least--actually the most important items on the entire list:

(13) Rejoice in the new friendships (and old ones) that have come with this new writing world
(14) Be a better reader/editor/crit partner for fellow writers when asked
(15) Learn to say, "I write" with the same spirit that I used to say "I teach school"--remembering that I am but 
       one tiny grain of sand on a wide, wide literary beach
(16) And, when I come to the end of 2010, look back on accomplishments and failures with the same
       philosophy: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


K9friend said...

We've all identified our goals. Here's hoping the enthusiasm for reaching those goals remains strong throughout the entire year!

nlindabrit said...

Your list of goals is impressive! I wish you well with all of them.