Sunday, January 31, 2010

Resources for Writers #5: Writing Magazines: The Writer

The Writer: Advice and Inspiration for Today’s Writer (

Published monthly
Subscription: $32.95/year
Newsstand Price: $6.95
Online Edition: Yes

While pricier than the other writing magazines to which I subscribe, I find The Writer worth the cost. Besides the special feature articles, the following regular columns and departments offer good information:

  • Business Freelancing (bi-monthly)
  • Market Focus
  • Literary Spotlight

Departments (examples from the February ’10 issue)
  • Editor’s Notes
  • Letters
  • Take Note: FTC “freebie” disclosure requirements
  • WriteStuff: Building a story arc in your novel
  • Markets: Literary agencies is this month’s focus (January featured magazines and journals)
  • Classified Advertising
  • How I Write: one-page article by a published author who shares her writing tips about getting ideas, revising, a writing routine, research, etc.

Special Features for the past 14 months (selected)
  • January ’09: writing groups, suspense techniques applied to non-fiction
  • February ’09: advice from top agents, nonfiction writing and marketing tips
  • March ’09: making characters unique and real, the art of dialogue, personal essay writing
  • April ’09: getting published, breaking writer’s block
  • May ’09: freelancing tips, POV, flash fiction
  • June ’09: self-publishing, children’s writing, crafting queries
  • July ’09: story flow, research tips, freelancing in today’s economy
  • August ’09: first novels, high-tech writing tools, screenplays
  • September ’09: (missing—must have shared it out!)
  • October ’09: interviews with 3 top writers on ‘craft’, mysteries, the ‘hook’, character development
  • November 09: setting/place, worst writing habits, critiques, copywriting
  • December ’09: fixing computer problems, writing from a child’s perspective, plot, making your novel agent-ready
  • January ’10: creating memorable characters, interviewing, creating a professional website
  • February ’10: narrative, beginning bloggers, mystery shorts, self-publishing, agents looking for submissions

Other Features
  • Contests (sponsored by the magazine—winning stories published)
  • Contest Listings (sponsored by other entities)

FTC Disclaimer: I have received no remuneration for reviewing this magazine.


K9friend said...

This is not one I've looked at before. Sounds interesting!

nlindabrit said...

I too like The Writer and find the articles useful.