Sunday, January 24, 2010

Resources for Writers #4: Writing Magazines: Writer's Digest

For the next few weeks, you’ll find reviews of various writing magazines. I subscribe to four and read them from cover to cover (literally!), usually with a highlighter in hand.

Writer’s Digest at a glance: 

Published monthly

Subscription prices vary—I renewed this month for under $20

Newsstand price: $47.92

Each issue focuses on a specific facet of writing. This month the theme is “Get Creative in 2010” with articles on inspiration, making more time to write, do-it-yourself writing retreats, tools and resources, contests, and marketing. Some past issue focuses have been getting an agent, writing your novel, publishing, self-publishing, publishing survival guide screenwriting, memoir writing, and the annual 101 Best Websites for Writers.

Each issue has an interview with a known author such as: Stephen King, Jerry B. Jenkins, Anne Tyler, James Pattterson, Brad Thor, Megan McCafferty, Debbie Macomber, and Sue Grafton.

Regular Columns and Departments—may vary slightly from issue to issue
• Inkwell—a look at innovative tips and techniques (5 or 6 different “shorts”)
• Ask the Pro
• Breaking In—debut author spotlight
• MFA Insider
• Questions and Quandaries
• Your Story—published story by a writer who responded to the contest prompt given in each issue (This month the prompt is “Parents look on in horror as a magician’s trick goes horribly awry during a child’s birthday party.”
• Standout Markets—featuring one publishing company
• Conference Scene
Writer’s Workbook—varies from issue to issue. This month follows the main theme of creativity with articles on journaling, writing descriptions, and how to get “unstuck” in the middle of a writing project.

The January 2010 issue was a special edition celebrating the 90th anniversary of the magazine. That’s longetivity! It featured 90 Secrets of Bestselling Authors such as Hemingway, Faulkner, Rowling, King, and More.

In addition, yearbooks (not a part of the subscription) are available at newsstands. Writing Basics appears once a year. Recently, I saw a new one called Novel Writing. There is also the Writer's Yearbook published as a special issue.

With a subscription, you can also register online to receive regular “online issues” and specials—such as sales on Writer’s Digest books. Back issues are available by mail for $5.99 plus S&H.

Next Week: The Writer 

FTC Disclaimer: I pay for my own subscription to this magazine and have received no remuneration for mentioning it here.


K9friend said...

I used to get the hard copy, but read the online version now. They always have helpful articles.

nlindabrit said...

I like this magazine and often find useful articles in it.