Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Look for The Word Place

Happy New Year to all my fellow writers! May 2010 see the words flow from your fingers straight to first place in every contest you enter and to the publisher(s) of your dreams!

At my age, New Year's Resolutions are moot. I will do what I can do--that's all. I have, however, decided to close down my personal blog, Starting Over One More Time, and concentrate on this one with the following schedule:

Monday:  Resources for Writers
Wednesday:  Book Review
Friday:  Guest Blogger

If you would like to guest here, I would love to have you! There will be no schedule--just first-come-first-serve. Send me your copy and any pictures (j.pegs, please!), and come Friday, you're on if your blog is the first received that week. I will "promo" you on Facebook, Twitter, and several Yahoo loops, but I hope you will anounce yourself, too, in whatever venue to which you have access.

One note about guest blogs:  I am old. I come from a fade-to-black world. I do not want other readers keeling over into their coffee, tea, cocoa, or--in my case--Diet DP. So PLEASE keep it family friendly. If you write "hot" romance, great--just send me a "lukewarm" excerpt without the body parts, etc. Readers who want more can link to your website. THANKS!

On that note, I'll close this first blog of 2010. Before we know it, 2011 will be here, and I hope all of us are miles ahead by this time next year! We're all in this together!

Happy New Year--and Happy Writing!

PS If you're on FB, I'd love to be your friend. If you "Tweet", I'd love to follow you. And I'd love for you to become a fan of "Someday is Here"--there's not much on the site yet, but it's coming!


nlindabrit said...

A very Happy New Year to you and thank you for all the encouragement and support you gave me throughout last year. I look forward to following your blog here at The Word Place through the coming year. You are an inspiration to all your friends!

K9friend said...

Looking forward to more in 2010!