Monday, December 21, 2009

Rewriting Miss Fanny

It is
(1) an undertaking of major proportions
(2) totally necessary
(3) taking a long time

The book got to the second rounds of review, according to the editor who was working on it, but in the end she decided to pass. Was I disappointed? Yes After reviewing the story myself, did I agree with her decision? Yes.

The protagonist's love interest was uninteresting.

The mystery didn't progress meaningfully.

The whole premise needed major tightening up.

So, here I am slogging through the middle where the greatest weakness lies. It is slow going. One day this week  actually rewrote 25 pages. After that, I made 10 pages in a day. Then it dwindled to 0 to 2 so far today, and I am being paged by the dog to rise, dress, and take her out, so everything is grinding to a halt. With company coming on Wednesday, I have things to do that don't include writing.

I have to say that this has been a learning experience already. I hope I never get to the point where I think the words that flow from my fingers are sacred and set in stone. I think, if that ever happens, I will have come to the end as a writer. Since I don't want that to happen, I shall continue to be my own toughest critic and consider rejections as the opportunity to do better.

Therein lies the adventure and the promise.


nlindabrit said...

I think your willingness to rethink your work and take fresh ideas on board is at the heart of your success and I am confident that you can make Miss Fanny work for you. I wish you the very best of good fortune with the project.

K9friend said...

The devils in the details, for sure. Good luck with the revamping, I know you'll "git 'er done"!