Friday, November 13, 2009

Reflecting on Alan Elsner's Guest Blogs This Week

I saved my comments on Mr. Elsner's guest blog series to "sum up" as it were. I always enjoy having guest bloggers at The Word Place because I learn so much from them.

The blog on "The Joys and Pain of Publishing" reinforced what I've been learning from others more experienced that I, that as writers, we're all in the same boat unless, of course, we've penned one of those elusive "blockbusters". We must promote and market ourselves. We're all in this together, and networking with other writers and supporting our mutual efforts can be rewarding in more than just monetary ways--though, of course, we all want to sell our books!

As for romance novels taking the romance out of romance, I totally agree. I grew up in the "fade-to-black" era and still, re-watching those old films, find the love scenes (or lack thereof) far more titillating than what I've seen on television and the big screen in the last thirty years. How many books have I closed and returned unfinished to the library because I just can't stomach one more anatomical description (and the accompanying language)? Some of them have had good basic plots, too, but I don't have the time or desire to plow through the gratuitous sex to stay focused on the plot.

That said, I have no problem with anyone writing or reading more erotic genres. There seems to be a wide market for them. I'm not straddling the fence here--merely acknowledging the differences in reading and writing tastes. We're all free to choose--thank goodness--and I make my choices. That might explain why I tend to check out more non-fiction than fiction books and why, when I find a good author, I diligently search the shelves and used book markets for his/her work.

I'm printing out the press release for Romance Language to deliver to the Garland County Public Library when I go this weekend. It already has two of Mr. Elsner's books--The Nazi Hunter and Gates of Shame--and I want them to add the new release also. Meanwhile, unwilling to wait to read it, I've ordered a copy from!

My thanks to Alan Elsner for sharing his thoughtful insights this week at The Word Place.


nlindabrit said...

I too have ordered Romance Language. I got that one from Mr. Elsner's own website and I have also ordered The Nazi Hunter from Amazon. I have been wanting to read The Nazi Hunter since I read your recommendation recently.

I have enjoyed the various guest blogs you have treated us to at The Word Place, but I found Alan Elsner's posts particularly interesting.

Donna Alice said...

I too enjoyed this guest blog and plan to find Romance Language. Thanks too to Mr. Elsner for his thoughts on writing "true" romance instead of what passes for it in so many of the books today.

Hope he comes back for some more words of wisdom for writers.