Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kat Henry Doran's Writing Tips

My writing experience:

I was originally published with another electronic press. When the contracts for my books came up for renewal, I elected to obtain the rights back, then brought them to Wild Rose Press. Captain Marvelous came out in re-release in 2008; Try Just Once More will be out in May 2010.

It is my opinion, and I'm speaking only for myself, WRP's art department is the best ever. Too prove this point, I invite the readers to surf the web and take a look at the art work produced by our competitors. Also, WRP goes above and beyond with author promotion. That’s not to say we as authors can sit back and relax [one of the bigger mistakes I made with my previous publisher] but WRP goes a whole lot farther than other presses with regard to promoting their authors.

Writing tip(s) for beginners:
       Join a writers group, in person or on line. Become involved with a critique group. Once you're comfortable, look for the winners, those authors who are willing to help the less experienced author. Listen to what they have to say, and stick with them.

How do I define a winner?
       * The person whose smile extends from their mouth into their eyes, who welcomes the new author to the meeting, who takes time to ask what they are currently writing.
       * Avoid the person who tears down another for their writing success.
       * If group has a guest speaker, beware of that person who hogs all the workshop time by asking foolish, already answered questions, and is compelled to express their opinion every other minute.
       * Look for the person whose critique is fair and asks questions or makes comments in simple understandable terms.
       * Enter contests and pay attention to the feedback. Talk to the more experienced members of your group to determine the contests with a long track record for offering fair, non-judgmental comments and suggestions for improvement. If you receive the one-time only comment, take it for what it's worth. If you hear the same comment over and over, pay attention!! Set a goal to write a certain number of pages or words per day or week. Not everyone has the opportunity to write every day; that's okay. It doesn't matter when you write, or how often, it's that you write.

Tomorrow:  Goals, Motivation, and Conflict


Mary Ricksen said...

New give up!! Great covers Kat. The best!

Emma Lai said...

Great advice Kat! I'm with you...love WRP.

Judy said...

Often, some of my best writing is the result of a "crit" by someone I trust to tell me to fix something!

Kat said...

mary, emma and judy--
I love the two covers on my WRP books. Nicola Martinez created Captain Marvelous; Rae Monet [who also designed my gorgeous website] is responsible for the look of Try Just Once More. She captured the H&H, Maggie and Mike, much better than I could have done.

I know I go off on critique groups soemtimes; and I haven't always liked what I was told--sometimes I wanted to jump over the table and strangle some of them--invariably the comments were accurate.
I thank youa for stopping by and for taking time to comment.

Debra St. John said...

I couldn't agree more with you about TWRP's art department. I did some searching of other publishing houses on a whim, and what turned me off of many of them were the covers presented. Or the fact that if I published with them I would have to come up with my own cover! Yikes. I'm sticking with the best: The Wild Rose Press.

Kathleen said...

Great advice from a good writer and editor.

K9friend said...

A good critique group is both inspirational and motivational for writers of all levels. And forget about the ones who only seek to tear you down. Look for the ones who are truly interested in helping you improve your work!

nlindabrit said...

Your experiences of having your work published by different organizations is very interesting and I can see what you mean about TWRP art department. Definitely a cut above the rest!

Your generous sharing of your experience and your skills is much appreciated Kat.