Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kat Henry Doran's Novels

My most recent release through Wild Rose Press:

          Captain Marvelous is a contemporary romantic mystery set in the northern edge of New York State's Catskill Mountains. Immigrant women are murdered then dumped along the highways like pieces of garbage. No one in the small town of Nohmensville is the least bit concerned―except for Physician's Assistant Annie Wolfe, a career focused woman who will let nothing and no one get in her way of attending med school. Some of the women were Annie's patients, a few were friends. Enter New York State Trooper, Captain Ronen Marvelic, assigned by the Governor himself to investigate the murders. He uses Annie, no fan of local law enforcement, to construct victim profiles in order to hunt down the killers. Ronen wants home, hearth, picket fences and babies. Annie wants spiral CT scans, a cure for drug resistant TB, smooth functioning trauma teams―and for the Orioles to win a pennant.

            My second novel, Try Just Once More, currently available only out of the trunk of my car, is scheduled for re-release by Wild Rose Press in May 2010. It is a contemporary romantic suspense set in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York State. After she is cleared of homicide charges, and Maggie McGuire retreats to her childhood home to regroup and begin traveling the rocky road to sobriety. Now, after three years, her past rises up to bite her in the butt; this time it's aimed directly at her precious children. The new chief of police who won't leave things alone, continually picks at her, trying to find all the puzzle pieces. She once trusted a cop and lived to regret it. No stranger to personal treachery or betrayal, Chief Mike Brandt will have to set aside personal biases in order to protect the McGuire family―and convince Maggie to try just once more.


Mary Ricksen said...

Good luck Kat!

Judy said...

And my thanks to Kat for being my guest here at The Word Place this week! It's been interesting and enlightening!

Kat said...

thanks, Mary.
this has been a lot of fun.

Judy, I owe you big time for allowing me to hog an entire week?

nlindabrit said...

Your books sound extremely interesting, Kat! I wish you the best of good fortune with the re-release and your new novel.

K9friend said...

The books sound interesting. I'll need to check them out!