Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome to The Word Place, English Tea Rose Author, Kathye Quick


By Kathye Quick

Hi everyone, and a mega thanks to Judy for having me.

I am thrilled to share with you all my first book from The Wild Rose Press – CYNTHIA AND CONSTANTINE.   C&C, as I and the editor dubbed it from the beginning, is part of my Beyond Camelot, Brother Knights series.  But as I said in the title of this post, this series is not your mother’s Camelot.

I have always loved the adventure and story lore of Camelot.  When I was a very little girl, and I know I’m dating myself now, there was a black and white television program on called “Tales of Sir Lancelot.”  I watched it religiously.  I wish I could find it now on DVD or something as a matter of fact.  I chose to write a story from the Arthurian time because it became so much a part of me. 

But I also knew the Arthur Legend was done a thousand times and decided that the lesser knights should have stories also.   I've been asked if I made up my hero Sir Constantine. Well, the answer to that is yes and no.

My research showed that according the Arthurian Legend, though he was the supposed half-brother of King Arthur, Sir Constantine was one of the lesser Knights of the Round Table. His father was Sir Cador, the King of Cornwall.

Along with Sir Baudwin (my Sir Braeden), Arthur entrusted him with the joint-regency of Britain when he left to wage war against Emperor Lucius of Rome. Constantine was therefore in a position to receive the throne when Arthur died without an heir. Constantine was, by legend, given the crown by Arthur as Arthur lay dying. Constantine tried to persuade Sir Bors, Sir Ector, Sir Balmore and other companions to remain in England after the battle with Lancelot and keep up the Order of the Round Table but was unable (In my story, he was successful in this).

As king Constantine faced many problems with the kingdom including problems with the two rebellious sons of Mordred. When Mordred's sons took refuge in churches in Winchester and London, Constantine pursued them and, disguised as a bishop, killed them both.  In the Sequel to C&C, Mordred’s sons play a pivotal role in the plot.  But it is Sir Braeden coming to the rescues of his lady, Jane who vanquishes them in a church.  (BRAEDEN AND JANE is my current WIP for the Wild Rose Press)

So while my hero, Sir Constantine, did indeed rule over Camelot after Arthur, his doing so in my novel, CYNTHIA AND CONSTANTINE was not all that much a departure from the myth

It still seems strange to me to consider myself multi-published, but I am so blessed.  I write for a few houses.

For Avalon I write contemporary and romantic comedies.   My first book was actually considered a Career Romance (that line has since been rolled into the Contemporary Romance Line) entitled BLUE DIAMOND.  It was followed by JESSIE’S WEDDING, STEALING APRIL’S HEART, FALLING FOR YOU and ‘TIS THE SEASON. 

‘TIS THE SEASON is a holiday romance in which Santa quits the family business.  It was a HOLT (Honoring Outstanding Literary Talent) Medallion finalist. 

The first book in my GRANDMOTHER’S RINGS series for Avalon was just released.  The three-book contemporary romance series follows the Archer Family siblings in their quest to find their soul mates after being given their Grandmother’s Rings by their mother.  I used the birthstones from my family as inspiration.  AMETHYST is out now, followed by SAPPHIRE in December 2009 and lastly, CITRINE in early 2010.

I also write romantic comedies and historical romance for Wings ePress.  Those titles are ONE RAINY NIGHT, my first book, and DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON, my favorite book an ancient Greek Historical.

Okay, I’ve had your ear long enough.  Come see me at  You can descriptions of all my books there plus the trailer for C&C.

Oh and I also write Urban fantasies as P.K. Eden with my wonderful writing partner Patt Mihailoff.  Together we penned FIREBRAND, a book based on the fall of the Garden of Eden.  FIREBRAND has won two Reviewer’s Choice Awards and many 5-star ratings.    In giving us a Review’s Pick from Affair de Coeur, the reviewer said that FIREBRAND was “a story worthy of the Hobbit series and Harry Potter.”  Patt and I were blown away with the compliment.

Patt and I are both lovers of sci-fi/fantasy and had a great time with this book.  You can visit P. K. Eden at  Come on over and read the mythology of the book as well as see the trailer.


M Kate Quinn said...

Kathye Quick is a sharp, multi-talented author. The first book of hers that I read was "Tis The Season," and I loved it and instantly became a fan. I'm a "Quickie!"

Marykate Schweiger
w/a M. Kate Quinn
Summer Iris coming soon from The Wild Rose Press

nlindabrit said...

Wow, Kathye,you certainly are a prolific writer and in multiple genres too. Thank you for a fascinating blog post.

Mary Ricksen said...

I love the book jackets Kathye.
M Kate is right, sharp and multi-talented is are great words to describe her!
Great blog Kathye, you know I wish you great sales and lots of accolades!

Linda Swift said...

Kathye, my head is spinning after reading of all your books in all these varied genres. How do you keep track of which genre you are doing at any given time? I admire your versatility and wish you success in all of them

K9friend said...

Kathye, you are one very busy lady!

Is it difficult to switch back and forth between genres when you write?

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Kathye,
Wow, you are a busy prolific writer. I love Sir Lancelot's era,too, Knights of the Round Table, all that stuff.
Best of luck with it.

Judy said...

Many thanks to Kathye for being my guest here today at The Word Place! My question is, when you switch genres, is there a subtle common thread that somehow makes all of them mesh with your creative muse?

Kathye Quick said...

Hi ladies - got busy and coundn't pop in here until now.

Thanks for all the kind words - blushing.

M. Kate - Thanks - I loved that one too! (Loving SUMMER IRIS, BTW)
aww-- great moniker too. Mind if I borrow it and call my fans that?

Linda - I have so many people talking to me in my head that I have to schedule appointments with them - LOL - Seriously, It sometimes gets confusing to be working on two genres at once. I do my historical, which is just about done at night, and my next contemporary for Avalon during lunch at work. So far it's working! And I've losy 5 pounds bringing yogurt instead of going out to lunch.

If you love what you're writing and kinda have a general idea of your whole book, it isn't hard to switch back and forth.

Judy and all - loved it here. Thanks for having me~

Donna Alice said...

Sounds like a lot of interesting books! I'll be looking for your titles Kathye.