Monday, October 26, 2009

News and More News About Coming Events at The Word Place

A few weeks ago, I reviewed The Last Nazi, a novel by Alan Elsner, a journalist who spent 30 years with Reuters News Agency. I was delighted to find a response to my review as well as an email in my box telling me about his soon-to-be released second novel, Romance Languages. He also offered to guest blog at The Word Place, so I suggested a time after The Wild Rose Press series had ended--which it will, with a special guest on November 2.

Mr. Elsner will be discussing his new novel and other fascinating topics beginning November 9, so mark  that week on your calendars and get the word out to your colleagues. I think more people read blogs than comment, but I hope all who read will let him know they have done so and appreciate his time.

More later--


On other topics, I am emailing the winners of the $25 TWRP gift certificates for October and November.


And last but certainly not least--Rhonda Penders, who writes as Roni Adams, will be my special guest here on November 2. Rhonda is one of the two owners/publishers of The Wild Rose Press, the duo that makes the Garden a terrific place to write!


K9friend said...

Wow! Sounds like you have a lot of cool posts coming up. All that and Nano, too? You're going to be a very busy lady!

nlindabrit said...

I am looking forward to both your upcoming guest bloggers. TWRP is a fantastic publishing enterprise and it will be most interesting to read what Rhonda Penders has to say. It amazes mw how many genres TWRP covers.

I shall be most interested to read what Mr. Elsner has to say about his new book.