Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Is Always Good

Just discovered a new website--Chronicles of the Old West. A one-year subscription to their newspaper/magazine is $30--$20 if you go the ezine route. I haven't explored everything there yet, but I did check their online store--an interesting mix of books, CDs, back issues, subscriptions to radio shows, and even a John Wayne seat for the indoor privy!

I did come away immediately with a free ebook: Amazing Stories About Tombstone Arizona Territory by editor Dakota Livesay. (Doesn't that name just suit the genre?) It arrives as a 25-page pdf, which I promptly printed, punched, and put into on of the paper folders that I stock up on when they go on sale.

Here's what's inside:
  1. Why Name A Town After A Grave Marker?
  2. Every Tombstone Needs an Epitaph
  3. The Doctor Can't Give a Shot
  4. Booze Almost Destroys Tombstone
  5. If Only He Was the President's Doctor
  6. How to Kill a Marshal and Get Away with It
  7. Sin Builds a Church
  8. A Professional Photographer Misses an Opportunity
  9. Vengeance Is Mine...Says Wyatt
  10. Watch Out for a Man Named Slaughter
I haven't completely explored the site, but I intend to, and I may subscribe to the online version. I'm in the market for a new toilet seat, but I don't think the John Wayne one fits my decor. There are, however, some interesting contests and a nice link to the "Living the Code" foundation just established by Mr. Livesay.

The website is definitely worth a look-see--haven't I heard that used as a westernism somewhere?--so mosey on over, pardners...


nlindabrit said...

You never cease to amaze me with your diligent hunt for resources and you make aome fantastic finds! This sounds like another great one and I am going to check it out!

K9friend said...

John Wayne's toilet seat? Interesting image...

Anyway, the site sounds fascinating, and I plan to take a virtual visit soon!