Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to the Word Place, Climbing Rose Author, Denise Gwen

Hello, sister roses!  It’s great to be guest-blogging with JN this week.  My YA novel, House of Wacks, was released on August 14, 2009.  A good friend of mine who owns a coffee shop where I like to go and write (while sipping lattes), hosted my first book-signing on the release day.  And on Labor Day weekend, on Saturday, September 5, I attended my second booksigning, at The Green Bean, a coffee shop in Bloomington, Indiana.  Holding the second book-signing at The Green Bean was of great significance for me, as the owner of The Green Bean, Caroline Clay, is the owner and a friend.  She is also the sister of a friend I made in Cincinnati, and when I learned that my friend had a sister in Bloomington, I got to know Caroline.  I grew up in Bloomington, and set House of Wacks in Bloomington, Indiana.  The booksigning was very well attended and a lot of my mother’s friends came to the booksigning to lend their support.
 I’ve been writing for years, and I made my very first book sale in 2007, with a release date of October 1, 2007.  My first book was an erotica entitled Fantasy Daze, and is sold by Liquid Silver Books.  So getting a contract with The Wild Rose Press for a real, live book was a thrill.  My third book, also an erotica, entitled Rose Red and Black Bear, will be released on October 1, 2009, by Red Sage Publishing.  My erotica pen-name is Gwen Williams; my YA and adult romance pen-name is Denise Gwen.  I’m presenting in edits right now with my editor Tori Spence, for Judge Not, an adult romance that will probably be released sometime in 2010.

Little did Jordan Meadows realize, when Dad insisted she get a job, it would turn out to be such an amazing summer! Who would have guessed that all her eyebrow, bikini, and leg waxes at Tranquility Spa would pay off as job experience? Working behind the scenes on the set of House of Wax IX: Return of the Revengenator, she becomes the go-to girl for paraffin wax. Then she meets Keith Charles, a band nerd from her high school. Between draping his freckled arms with wax and making sure he looks extra clotty, she’s stunned to find herself falling in love with someone outside her own clique. As filming and the summer draw to a close, she’s a changed girl, for sure. She's made friends with people she never would have associated with at North High School, but what about her friends, the awesome foursome? Should she break up with Keith, since he’s not a member of her exclusive, inner circle? Or is it time to branch out and make new friends?

Denise Gwen
House of Wacks, a Climbing Rose Young Adult Novel, coming on August 14, 2009!
Judge Not, an American Rosette Novel
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K9friend said...

Hello, Denise. What a diverse writer you are! Do you find it difficult to switch between YA and adult pieces?

nlindabrit said...
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nlindabrit said...

I am in awe of your ability to switch genres and write an altogether different type of book, Denise. Is it a different writing 'voice' too, I wonder, as well as subject matter?

Blaize said...

So happy to hear your Bloomington book signing was a success, Denise! Congrats on all your success!

Linda Swift said...

A very interesting blog. I wonder how you manage to write such diverse types of books? Which is the "real" you? Wishing you success with all your books in both your names.

Kathye Quick said...

Tres cool, Denise. Great premise for a book and one to which a lot of teens can relate I'm sure.

I've always wanted to write YA, but found I can't!

But I will get yours to read for sure

Denise Gwen said...

Hello, ladies. What interesting questions! No, I would say that everything I write is in my voice, although, depending on the genre, the voice may alter in tone. In edits for House of Wacks, for instance, my editor made me use short and complete sentences. My present editor, Tori Spence, who is working with me on edits of my adult romance, Judge Not, is keen to encourage me to rid myself of semi-colons (ah, I love the semi-colon), but she is also encouraging me to put much more emotion into the story than I did with the young adult. So that is an interesting difference. I would say, regardless of whether I'm writing erotica or YA or adult romance, it's still my voice, but I'm being edited with a completely different perspective from each editor. I think that is the big difference. That, and what's being described!

Denise Gwen said...

I agree with the opinion that YA is tricky to write. I think YA is very tricky. You have to write with the right tone. You have to identify with the world of a young girl. And in my research, I discovered that YA can be extremely dark. I read a beautiful story called What Was Lost, and in the story, the little girl has died, and someone doesn't discover her until years later.
By the bye, sorry I didn't get to the blog earlier today. I had a very busy Friday! I didn't spend any time at home today, and have only just managed to carve out some time this evening.

Debra St. John said...

Hi Denise. Wow, you really write quite the spectrum...erotica to young adult. "House of Wacks" sounds fabulous!

Denise Gwen said...

It's ironic, the whole thing about semi-colons. I love Candace Bushnell's writing and that girl can make a sentence last the length of a paragraph! Which, I realize, is a gross violation of a basic grammar rule that any self-respecting language arts teacher would frown upon. But there's a way Candace Bushnell writes a long sentence that makes it still very readable and compelling. In any event, apparently, my semi-colons do not reach that remarkable level and I am asked repeatedly to get rid of them. Sigh.
And I've been told to rid myself of semi-colons in erotica, YA, and adult romance. Somewhere, somewhere, there's a story out there that's just begging for good, juicy semi-colons.

marye.ulrich said...

Can't wait to read your newest book. Love Bloomington, IN. I saw that you are going to Mansfield in Oct. for another writer's conference. You are really working your platform.
Best. Mary

Judy said...

Thanks so much, Denise, for being my guest at The Word Place today! Good luck with all your writing!