Saturday, August 8, 2009

Writing in Today's Publishing Market

The effects of the economy on the publishing market has been the subject of many blogs and articles in writing magazines. The consensus seems to be that, while the large mainstream publishers are still alive and well, authors are finding more acceptance with smaller independent publishers.

While POD (Print-on-demand) publishing has often been criticized, it seems to be the way to go in the present economy. With fewer people making non-essential purchases---of which books are one---why would a publisher do a run of thousands of print books, many of which they know will eventually be sent back unsold? That's not the way to make money.

E-publishing is another model that has received a thumbs-down by proponents of traditional publishing. However, more and more e-publishers are springing up online, and people are making money.

Self-publishing is yet another option, although not one I would choose or recommend. However, many people take that road, and some are successful.

The choice of a publishing path is an individual one and should be undertaken with care. You choose a reputable company to put a new roof on your house, so why would you select anything less than a reputable publisher to put your book on the market?

Just getting the book published isn't the grand finale. It's my understanding that even authors who publish with larger companies must be active participants in the marketing process. That's even truer with smaller companies which have smaller budgets for promoting their authors.


In the September issue of The Writer, Randal Silvis (award-winning author of ten fiction and one non-fiction book) contributes to their Market Focus section with "How to Weather the Literary Climate". I'd highly recommend it.


Selected Links to Markets for Fiction, Non-fiction, and Poetry mentioned in the September 2009 issue of The Writer. (See the issue for other markets, including magazines.)

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Mary Ricksen said...

Interesting blog! Good luck!

K9friend said...

Cool! It looks good!

KatieBee said...

This is me leaving you a fine comment from a fine House Elf!

Linda Swift said...

Judy, it's nice to put a face with your name. I, too, had another career in educaton and raised a family before realizing my dream of being a published writer. But I think we appreciate it all the more for the wait. I wish you success with all your books.

Leona said...

Hi Judy ~ you have made some excellent points! I think like the internet of the past, which was apparently a passing fad at the start, e-publishing is the passing fad of the future!

Debra St. John said...

It seems like the economy is shaping our decisions in everything these days. Although I've read that romance sales are higher than ever across the board. I chose a smaller publisher, and am completely content, happy, and ecstatic with the way my writing career is growing.

Christine said...

Great Blog... besides romance I also submit "Flash Fiction" and "Poetry" for artist in my state -

Donna Alice said...

A python in the classroom --- eerie! Although I have known a few kids who'd qualify as wild animals! LOL Love the new additions to the blog by the way.

Hope you are meeting your writing quota for the day!! Or else.

PattyK said...

Love the title of your entry in this collection, Judy. And love your new site. You are an inspiration to me, and we've never even met. . . . .SO FAR!

Beth Trissel said...

Very interesting post on the publishing market.

roberta said...

Very interesting Miss Judy.
I think ebooks are the wave of the future. Convenience and saving money are the keys to the new cyber way of life. No one goes out to buy anything anymore, or like here, there isn't any where to go, unless you want to travel for an hour.

Kathye Quick said...

I got into E-publishing with my first book in 1999 and it's been an uphill battle. But I have to say, the last fie years,e-books have rocketed. I agree, they are the wave of the future with POD goign to AOD (Author on Demand) as more smal bookstores and a few large ones close thier doors.

We're pioneers!!