Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest Bloggers Coming Soon

Sometime in the next few weeks, I hope to feature guest bloggers from each of the lines published by The Wild Rose Press. They include:

  • Crimson Rose (mystery and suspense)
  • Faery Rose (light paranormal--elves, fairies, good witches, etc.)
  • Scarlet Rose (erotic romance)
  • English Tea Rose (Non-American historical)
  • American Rose (American historical)
  • Cactus Rose (western historical)
  • Yellow Rose (cowboy contemporary)
  • Last Rose of Summer (contemporary--the more experienced heroine, hero, ie widowed, divorced, older, many life experiences)
  • Sweetheart Rose (sweet contemporary)
  • Vintage Rose (classic romance from days gone by--1900-1970)
  • Black Rose (dark paranormal--werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, etc.)
  • Climbing Rose (young adult)
And I also hope to have a guest from White Rose Publishing, recently begun by TWRP, which publishes inspirational romance.

Since I posted the request yesterday, I've had three responses.

If you've ever considered writing in any of these areas, consider downloading the submission guidelines and giving it a whirl. (The Wild Rose Press)


K9friend said...

My friend Donna's blog regularly features authors on the WOW Blog Tour.

It's always fascinating to get inside information and have the opportunity to ask questions.

nlindabrit said...

I shall look forward to your guest bloggers!

K9friend said...

Judy-thought you like to check out this link to information compiled by Brenda Hiatt on what various publishers pay for romance manuscripts.

Interesting stuff!