Friday, August 21, 2009

More Kinds of Almanacs

Webster's dictionary defines "almanac" as "a book published annually, containing information, usually statistical, on many subjects". (That's the second meaning--we're all familiar with the calendar-type almanac.)

Surprisingly, I was unable to locate state almanacs similar to that published in Texas, although I did find a reference to the World Almanac Library of the States, which appears to be a series. I did find these that may be of use to some author desperately searching for information:

  • The Teacher's Almanac, 1987-88
  • The Almanac of American Politics, 1984
  • The Rock and Roll Almanac
  • The Kids Almanac of Records and Facts Vol. 1
  • Witches' Almanac (2008-2009)
  • The Scholarship Almanac 2003
  • The Illustrated Almanac of Science, Technology, and Invention: Day by Day Facts, Figures, and the Fanciful
  • The World Alamanc and Book of Facts 1995
  • The 1987-88 Jewish Almanac
  • Indiana (The Hoosier State)
  • The People's Almanac
  • The People's Almanac Presents the Books of Lists No. 2
  • Poor Tuggers Almanac of Canine Wisdom
  • The Bathroom Golf Almanac
  • The Florida Almanac 1994
  • The World Almanac of the Strange No. 2
  • The Great American Food Almanac
  • Nutrition Almanac
  • TV's Guide Television Almanac
  • Celebrity Almanac 1994
  • Jerry Baker's Back to Nature Almanac
  • People: Almanac 2002
  • Ro-Dale's Good Times Almanac
  • World Wine Almanac and Wine Atlas
  • Contemporary Music Almanac
  • The Bathroom Sports Almanac
  • The European Women's Almanac
  • The New York Times Almanac
The above titles are just a sampling. Go to ABE and type "almanac" in the keyword space, and it will take you to a longer list than I've provided.


K9friend said...

A plethora of resources for sure!

nlindabrit said...

Here in Britain we have Pears Cyclopedia, a sort of English version of an almanac and a wonderful resource! My late aunt, Freda, kept all her old deitions and some of them are collector's items now and contain precious information 'dropped' from later editions.