Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Holding It in My Hands!

A nice surprise came in the mail today---the anthology of first-year-teacher stories, one of which is mine! (My First Year in the Classroom: 50 Stories That Celebrate the Good, the Bad, and Most Unforgettable Moments, edited by Stephen D. Rogers, published by Adams Media) I had received my check several weeks ago, but there had been no mention of a complimentary copy, so I was especially delighted!

The accompanying letter said that I could order "author" copies at a 50% discount, so I'll be placing an order tomorrow!

And the next time I'm in town, you can bet I'll be trolling the bookstores to see if it's on the shelf yet!

:D (I think that's supposed to be a BIG smile, though slightly skewed!)


nlindabrit said...

How wonderful! You must be so proud, my friend! It must be great to hold your published work in your hands and you are indeed a paid author now, what with the stories you have had accepted and the contracts for your novels. Congratulations on your achievement! You are an example to us all.

K9friend said...

Congratulations! And after you receive your discounted copies, you can schedule a book signing!