Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ya Gotta Keep on Learning!

First-round edits are in for Finding Papa's Shining Star. So far, I've read through all of the editor's comments and found them, as usual, right on the mark, and I've done two chapters of actual edits.

One of the things I learned from the first book was that I did the edits too quickly, so when the galleys came back, I had a lot of corrections to make! This time, with the editor's encouragement and permission, I'm taking things very slowly!

Writing, like anything else, is a learning process. I suppose no one every learns/knows it all. It is also an exciting process for someone who likes to learn new things and see something bad show improvement---and something good get even better!

I've also learned that first drafts are only a way to get the story on paper (computer!). The real writing comes after that. Dancing with Velvet has been revised at least three times, but it is still sitting in my computer, "ripening" like cheese, and "aging" like wine. After another revision or two, it might be ready to submit!

Still waiting to hear about Miss Fanny. The timeline for a verdict was 7-9 weeks, so the end of this month might bring good (or bad) news.

And I came home to a nice check for the story coming out in the anthology due for release August 18.So--it's all good--and I am more than grateful for the chance to make my dreams come true.


K9friend said...

Things seems to be going well. Keeping my fingers crossed for your submission. Hope it's GOOD news!

nlindabrit said...

It is SO exciting, waiting to hear about Miss Fanny! How wonderful that you are now living the dream you once had. It is an amazing achievement.