Thursday, June 11, 2009

Writers' Journal

Back in February, I sent off a short story to the "Write to Win" contest sponsored by Writers' Journal. There would be a first-place winner who would receive $150 and publication and an unspecified number of "honorable mentions" who would receive a year's subscription to the magazine. Since the entry fee, $5, was less than the subscription, I jotted down some ideas for the prompt, "About a million. . ." and wrote a story about a woman who returns to Normandy to visit the grave of the boy she expected to marry after the war.

Well, yesterday I went to the mailbox and found a copy of Writers' Journal and thought that I'd had a senior moment and forgotten that I'd subscribed. (I subscribe to Writer's Digest and The Writer.) Several hours later, I sat down to leaf through it and discovered the first-place winner's story (not mine)--BUT in a box at the end of the story, there was my name at the top of the list of four Honorable Mention winners!

I'm grinning from ear to ear and pleased at punch with seeing my name and having the year's subscription!

I guess it's true---nothing ventured, nothing gained.


K9friend said...

Congrats on another success! Hope your new magazine provides plenty of inspiration!

nlindabrit said...

Wonderful! Congratulations, my friend! I loved the story when I read it. It made me cry. I am so pleased for you. Don't forget to record this success in your credits on your website etc.!