Sunday, June 28, 2009

To Each (Writer) His Own (Way of Publishing)

Apparently there has been a great deal of controversy about E-publishing. Some say it isn't "real", while others say it is the "wave of the future". Here is a link to a story in Time Magazine that turned up in my email today. It seems to be a pretty thorough discussion of the various publishing models, including print and e-publishing. http://www.time. com/time/ magazine/ article/0, 9171,1873122, 00.html?artId= 1

I'm waiting to see where it all goes. My books with TWRP will be e-published shortly before going to print. I like holding a print book in my hands (especially when it's mine, she says as she asks forgiveness for the sin of pride!), but I've downloaded some good e-reads from their online store and at a fraction of the price of a "real" book.

The Sony E-Readers and the Kindle, both new technology advances that allow books to be downloaded and taken along without the bulk and weight of a printed tome, look interesting to me, but right now I'm not motivated to pay several hundred dollars for either one. Like computers, they will be refined and, I'm sure, go down in price.

I recently joined EPIC, "the voice of internet publishing". For $30 a year, it's a good resource and a good support system if I should choose to travel that road along with the print road. I decided against Romance Writers of America, mainly because of the continuing controversy between the members over e-publishing versus print publishing. Though I understand the local chapters are a wonderful experience, I wasn't paying my money to become embroiled in any type of controversy at this stage of my fledgling "writing career". Besides, I'm writing and publishing for my own enjoyment and satisfaction and have no ladder to climb or ax to grind with anyone.

I joined another writing organization for the purpose of becoming part of an online critique group but soon discovered that was not for me for reasons I won't go into. They generously refunded my money.

As I've begun to learn the ins and outs of publishing, I've found that among writers, just as in any group, there are egos to be dealt with. Success seems to trigger the "Look-at-me-aren't-I-wonderful?" syndrome. Now, folks, I know there are many writers out there who are much better than I am, and they will achieve much more notoriety and money than I will. Frankly, I'm delighted for them. But let me rejoice with you---don't demand that I stand in awe of you. We both have ten fingers and peck that keyboard the same way!

The last time I looked, I was still part of the human race with all its faults and foibles. The old saying, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" is too true.

And I'm terrified of heights!

Have a good writing day!


Donna Alice said...

Very true - we all come to publication on our own path. I personally love the print book but would never say no to an ebook contract either.

PS--Your website is looking terrific!!

K9friend said...

There's no doubt that the publishing world is evolving. It's wise to stay abreast of things because who knows 10 years (or 5!) hence in what way the public will choose to read.

As for me, I'll always love the look and feel of a real book in my hands!

nlindabrit said...

I too don't believe the Ebook will ever completely replace the real book, but I do believe there is room for both in the modern world.