Thursday, June 18, 2009

Answers and Advice for Writers

Writer's Digest publishes an annual issue called Writing Basics. It isn't one of the subscription issues, but I find it worthwhile to purchase at a newsstand.

Highlighter in hand, I'm about half-way through it and have already made progress on the shelved Showboat Affair by following Bill O'Hanlon's astute suggestion to take "baby steps" (the title of his article). He advises writers who tend toward procrastination to spend 5 - 15 minutes a day writing one page, about 250 words. "Do that every day for a year, and you'll have a book."

So, I committed to spending at least 15 minutes on that project, and today I was amazed that I wrote nearly 700 words without realizing it!

In another article entitled "Rough Up Your First Draft", author Elizabeth Sims believes in loosening up, letting your thoughts flow without regard to sequence, and slogging on, knowing that you'll have many more drafts to polish the final product.

Brian Klems, the online managing editor of WD, has set forth a year's worth of weekly story starters. I'm in the middle of his next article, "Your Biggest Writing Questions Answered".

I'm especially anxious to get to learn more about the ultimate writer's website. I've been tweaking and updating mine this week, but it has a long way to go.

All of this writing wealth may be purchased for $5.99 USD. (And don't forget the highlighter!)


nlindabrit said...

I am eagerly awaiting my first issue of Writer's Digest!

K9friend said...

I let my subscription lapse and need to get that taken care of, though I do browse the online articles.