Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Regarding Crit Groups and Other Topics

In the March-April issue of Writers' Digest (I always seem to be a couple of months behind in reading!), there was an excellent article entitled "Critiquing Critique Clubs" by Gigi Rosenberg, a published author of essays and articles. She included a quiz to help decide whether staying in a particular group is the right thing to do. Basically, membership in a critique group should, in her opinion, lead to more and better writing and provide support. I think she is exactly right.

I participate in the writing forum sponsored by ALongStoryShort and have found the other members' comments on my pieces to be very helpful. I may occasionally feel that a comment has "missed the point", just as I'm sure some of my comments on pieces written by younger authors definitely miss their generational point. Overall, however, I feel that I benefit from their input.

In the "Writer's Workbook" section of the issue, the following articles were well-worth taking the time to read:

  • "Revision and Self-Editing" by Nancy Lamb
  • "Put Your Fiction to the Plausibility Test" by Steve Almond
  • "Strengthen Your Scenes with 5 Easy Tips" by James Scott Bell
  • "Rescue Your Story from Plot Pitfalls" by Laura Whitcomb
It may take me awhile to get around to reading the writing magazines to which I subscribe, but I always find treasures waiting!


nlindabrit said...

Inspired by your post here, I went looking to see what Britain has to offer by way of writing publications and found very few. The best of them seems to be one called simply, Writing Magazine, which is published monthly. I have subscribed and a year's subscription to Writer's Digest fell into my basket while I was there. I'll tell Tom they are 'get well' gifts from him:)

K9friend said...

Writer's Digest always has good articles, and some of which appear on their website. If you sign up, they send regular email issues.