Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Off!

I spent the week-end going back through Finding Papa's Shining Star and making minor changes both as requested by the editor issuing the contract and from my own perspective after having let the ms "ripen" a bit. It had already been revised multiple times, so hopefully this latest tweak will make the edits flow more smoothly.

The contract is signed (2 copies) and ready to be mailed tomorrow. The other documents could go back in an email---updated author information, as well as character description and ideas for the cover for the graphic artist. I requested the same artist (Rae Monet) who did the cover for book #1. She's terrific!

Anyone who has the idea that writing isn't a full-time, all-consuming job isn't considering the hours that goes into (a) writing the first draft (b) multiple revisions (c) edits (d) galleys and all the other details that goes into a finished product. How much simpler it must have been for Louisa May Alcott's Jo March in the immortal Little Women to sit in her chilly garret, wrapped in a comforter, and pen her little tales!

Personally, I find it amusing to picture myself living in a room high above a teeming city street, the quintessential literary persona, sporting gypsy-colored clothes that make a "statement", drinking wine from antique glasses, descending from my ivory tower at night to mingle with other "artists" in quaint, out-of-the-way bistros, and by day turning out pieces that will endure for all eternity.

In reality, I live in a house that must be kept clean, wear jeans and t-shirts or sweats (not to forget the moccasins!), drink milk and V-8 juice from a Dollar Store goblet and Diet DP from the can, close the blinds at dark and sit alone in the recliner to read, exhausted from a day of pounding the keyboard in hopes of turning out just one something to merit a check, however small.

My soul wants to soar, but it is anchored in the must do instead of the wish I could.

But then, without the "stuff of dreams", life would be dull indeed.


nlindabrit said...

Your success is thoroughly deserved because of the professional and intensive way you have approached your writing projects. You have done all that has been asked of you and should be very proud. I wish both books the success they and you deserve, You are an inspiration to all who know you, my friend.

K9friend said...

Can't think of anything better than spending time doing something you love...and even more so when you get paid for it!