Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Getting Closer!

The galleys for Where Is Papa's Shining Star? were in my inbox this morning. I have to make sure that everything is as it should be--no typos, etc. This is the last look at the book before it goes to press.

Actually, it's going "on the shelf" according to my editor, because she was kind enough to agree to the sequel, Finding Papa's Shining Star coming out within a month of the first book for marketing purposes. So, WIPSS must bide its time before going to e-publication and print.

I'll admit to some longing to hold the finished book in my hands, but my philosophy is this: I've waited a lifetime for this moment. What difference does a few more months make?

The contract for FPSS came with some good suggestions for changes in the first few chapters, so while I was making those, I did a complete read-through of the ms and made other revisions, too. Hopefully that will help the editing process move along smoothly and even more quickly than before. Also, when I finished, I liked the story better than the original!

Since this is a writing blog, I write about writing---and it has to be from my own perspective, as my shoes (ahem! moccasins!) are the only ones I walk around it. But I hope---oh, I do so hope!---that I never sound like I've begun to take myself seriously!

That needs some explaining, of course. We all take our writing seriously in that we want it to be the best product it can be, and that's as it should be. We all work hard, and I'm finding out just what hard work writing for publication really is! BUT--and here's the point--I don't want to ever sound as if I'm taking myself seriously in the nose-in-the-air, head-in-the-clouds demeanor. And, unfortunately, I've seen that happen to others.

I'm just one of so many writers out there, and I've read things that I think are infinitely better than what I write. More than ever, since beginning this journey to publication, I've realized just how much I don't know. . .how much I have yet to learn . . . and what a small cog in the wheel of literary endeavor that I really am!

Everytime I say "my editor" or "contract" or "ms", something in me says, " Listen to yourself! Just who do you think you are?"

I think I know who I am. I'm a lucky, lucky person who is beginning to realize the dream of a lifetime because of good friends and opportunities that I didn't make for myself. I want my website to look "professional", and I want to consider myself such, just as I did when I was teaching . . . but most of all, I just want to enjoy my small successes with those who encouraged me to pursue them and supported me along the way, because this moment belongs to them, too.


nlindabrit said...

This is such an exciting time for you and one which you so richly deserve because you have put in the effort and the research to make a success of your endeavours. I admire you more than I can say and I am so very happy for you!

K9friend said...

You never sound like anything but a hard-working gal who is experiencing success in her chosen endeavor...and, I definitely learn from the things you tell us about the process.

For that, I thank you!