Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oklahoma Revisited

Today's prompt for the WD April Poem-A-Day Challenge is "An Event". Many events in my life could have been the topic for this particular poem, but the House Elf loves to be featured, so of course, I chose this one!

I knew how badly she wanted the part of "Ado Annie" in Oklahoma, so I didn't want anything distracting her from auditions. I also knew I'd be having surgery on the day the cast list was posted, so she had to know eventually. So I enlisted her mother's help to tell her after auditions.

Because there was no room available, I stayed in recovery for most of the day, so they let my son and daughter-in-law come back to see me. They had my cell phone and told me I had a message from Katie, but they were puzzled over only a single word. I knew, of course, that she was telling me she'd gotten the part she wanted so much!

The Performance

She wanted,
longed for,
the part.
I opened my eyes
in the recovery room
to the text message

on my phone.
The single word
said it all.
She would be
Ado Annie.
I sat beaming,
watched her frolic
over the stage
in pink gingham
and hair ribbons.
It was her
shining moment
and mine
as well.


KatieBee said...


nlindabrit said...

I smiled at the blog entry, the photo and the poem, remembering Katie's joy and excitement at the time!

K9friend said...

I remember seeing that photo on the BV site. So cool!!