Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A New Story Idea

Travel is a great opportunity for research. Since The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall sprang from the trip to Ft. Smith, I was sure that another story was lurking in Branson, and it was. The Showboat Affair is waiting in the wings to be written. I filled several pages of a small notebook with information that I can use to set the story and develop some scenes. (I'm sure people on the train and later on the showboat wondered just what I was doing as I busily scribbled away!)

It will be a romance--no mystery this time--between two older people (in their 50's) who meet on the showboat and fall in love. However, their older adult children will try, for their own selfish reasons, to break things up. Of course, they won't succeed, but the conflict will get pretty heavy!

What about the western story? Well, hopefully the upcoming trip to points west will produce the information I've been unsuccessful in finding so far.

The WD April Poem-a-Day Challenge is moving on. It is day 22. Today's prompt is a work-related poem. I'm thoroughly enjoying this month-long activity!

Meanwhile, I'm still gnashing my teeth over the one-page synopsis, but an idea came to me yesterday that may be worth trying.

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my writing friend Donna in Ohio!!


K9friend said...

How fun to meld travel with writing! And save those receipts! Sounds like a dandy tax write-off to me.

nlindabrit said...

The new story idea sounds very promising indeed.

I have been suffering a recurrence of tummy trouble I sometimes get with my diabetes and in consequence I spend many wakeful hours in the middle of the night in my bathroom. Thanks to my trusty little voice recorder, I am able to make instant verbal notes of the story ideas I get at these times. There were three such the other night. I like the fact that my minor sufferings have at least one positive outcome for me:)