Friday, April 10, 2009

A Website and A Poem

Here is a link to Writer Beware, a website that addresses many of the issues facing writers in today's market, including
  • Alerts for Writers
  • Contests and Anthologies
  • Copyright
  • Electronic Publishing (epublishing)
  • Independent Editors
  • Literary Agents
  • POD and Self-publishing
  • Small Presses (coming soon)
  • Vanity Publishers
  • Writers' Services
Basically, they lay out the information on each topic, giving pros and cons, suggesting criteria to look for (such as in contests). They also have a free newsletter for which one can sign up to keep abreast of the many writing scams that are, unfortunately, out there. I check out their site occasionally if I need more information on something, but I never fail to read their newsletter and then move it to a file for future reference.


I'm continuing to enjoy the WD April Poem-A-Day Contest. It's good mental gymnastics if nothing else, and I've read some excellent and thought-provoking poems which have been posted. Poetry is truly the language of the soul. (I'm sure I read that somewhere, but right now I can't credit it.)

Today's topic was "a memory", so here's my offering:

It was always a promise
of something,
though I wasn't sure
just what.
Big Jon and Sparky
on Saturday morning,
and Eddy Arnold at night.
A movie date or
a dance or
a football game.
Time to catch up
on assignments or
laundry or
a letter home
Cleaning house,
planning for
The promise changed
with the years.
Now in retirement
everyday is
Friday and
everyday is
a promise
of more time,
at long last,
for me.


nlindabrit said...

Thank you for the link and also for your e-mail, which I have read with interest, though not yet responded to it. A virus has me in its grip at present:(

I loved your poem about the promise of time for you. Lovely!

K9friend said...

Poems are a terrific writing exercise, aren't they? I'm thoroughly enjoying yours. And thanks for the link!