Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Rejection

Well, in the midst of rejoicing comes rejection--the writer's lot--and probably a good thing to keep one humble! The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall, the novel inspired by last year's visit to the "Hello Bordello Welcome Center" in Ft. Smith last year, received a rejection slip yesterday. There were two positives: it was prompt, and it was complimentary of my writing (which they didn't have to even comment on) but did not "fit" their needs. I plan to reply with a brief note of appreciation for both.

There are several other small presses where I'm thinking of sending it. If it continues to be rejected, it may be time to gut it and start over. I think the story line has possibilities, but it may need a new approach.

Someone said to me once that a rejection slip was validation of being a writer. It's all in the game, of course, and while I'm disappointed, I'll press on.

I feel the need to share rejection as well as acceptance on this blog. I think it's only honest. And, as I said, it's the writer's lot. I'm in good company, I'm sure!

Just for fun, this is the cover that the house elf designed for Miss Fanny.


K9friend said...

Love the cover art with all the "Gibson Girl" hair. And I'm sure the story will sell. You just need to find the right market.

nlindabrit said...

I think you can be confident that they liked it, or they would not have bothered to compliment you on your writing style.

I wish the novel better luck in the other places you plan to submit it.

I read recently that some peole keep sending the same submission to the same place every few months. I cannot imagine a quicker way to alienate a potential publisher.

I feel sure Pat is right and this is a case of a good story needing the right outlet. Anyway, I'll bet you are still on cloud 9 about the other story! Quite right too!