Monday, February 16, 2009

Updates to the Blog

I've updated this blog and wanted to point out a few things. First, deciding to completely separate this writing blog, I deleted the links to personal blogs from the link list because they are already on Starting Over One More Time. I don't want anyone to think they've been made to disappear! The link to SOOMT isn't here either because, well, it's personal.

And, I've added a few links:

  • Preditors and Editors which, with Writer Beware, is a good source of information about legit (and not-so-legit) publishers and contests
  • A picture of the cover of 'Tis the Season, which links to Words of Belief, a Christian self-publishing company. This is NOT something I self-published but rather contains "A Very Kate Christmas" which won their Editor's Choice Award in their holiday writing contest last December.)
  • A picture of the cover for Where Is Papa's Shining Star? which is being published by The Wild Rose Press sometime this year
  • Literary Magic, an online magazine where my story "No One Ever Died of a Broken Heart" is currently published in their winter issue
  • A link to another online magazine, A Long Story Short, has been up for awhile, and several of my "Kate" stories are being serialized there under "The Way It Was". The February issue has the second story, "Loving Each Other", but I don't think there's any way to link back to the January issue for the first story.
  • Finally, a link to my website which is by no means complete, but please take a look if you have time. The picture for the link is courtesy of my good writing buddy, Leona Biron-Coulter.

The bottom line is, I'm trying to "psych" myself up to promote my book when it is released. Growing up, I was taught quite strictly that "tooting one's own horn" was a grievous thing to do, so this whole situation puts me between a rock and a hard place! How do I get the word out without seeming to be. . .well. . .unladylike. . .or worse?

In the next few months, I'm going to be doing some guest blogging for other Wild Rose Press authors and will post their links here also.

So, these are the changes I've made thus far. Any suggestions are always welcome!


nlindabrit said...

Congratulations on the excellent job you have made of streamlining your 'writing' blog. This is the sort of professional approach that you need to adopt now you are 'playing with the big boys' to coin a phrase.

I appreciate that 'marketing' yourself is not easy for you and I applaud your efforts to take the plunge in this way. Very good luck to you!

Donna Alice said...

It looks wonderful!! And I agree, personal links do not belong on your writer's website. I was supposed to get an ebook copy of the Words of Belief book for entering. Is it already out? I'm not sure they sent mine!

K9friend said...

You're embarking on whole new venture, and I believe your changes are a good idea. Yes, marketing oneself is a really weird feeling, isn't it?