Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Forum Poem

One of the February poetry prompts for the forum I joined recently was "a burning candle". With all the excellent suggestions from other forum members, the final piece ended up like this:

"Leave a light for me," he said,
As he stood there near the door.
"Leave a light for me," he said,
Then he hugged her just once more.
So each night his mother takes
A candle to burn the night,
And sets it in the window,
Taking comfort from its light.
That candle by the window
Bearing now a star of blue,
Is the light her boy has asked for,
And she prays that he'll come through.
A box beside the candle
Holds his honest, boyish scrawl;
A picture of his freckled face
Is inscribed, "Love to you all".
Her heart holds all the memories
Of the infant at her breast;
Her little boy, the almost-man
Gone to war with all the rest.
She sees the flame burn steady,
As she holds him in her heart.
It's when the candle flickers
That her worries seem to start.
Now the blue star in the window
Has been changed to one of gold;
But she still lights the candle
For her soldier brave and bold.
It will burn until all the boys
Are truly home someday.
Her boy's heart will come with them,
And she'll know he's home to stay.

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nlindabrit said...

Judy, that is absolutely beautiful! Sad and so touching. It has really moved me today, as I read in the morning paper that Britain lost four soldiers in Afghanistan on Wednesday.