Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Crit Partner (Smiling)

I found a "crit partner" through The Rose Trellis at The Wild Rose Press. She's amazing! I sent her 180 pages of that thorn in my side---Blue Velvet---and some questions about where it might go, and in just over 24 hours, she was back with some excellent ideas! She is also retired, so we will make a good team, I think.

Today I've finished charting changes and deletions in FPSS. Also, the new prompts for the writing forum have arrived, so I need to get busy making notes for a draft due by the 10th. This forum is also turning out to be very beneficial. (Interested? Contact Linda Barnett-Johnson at ) I posted the final of my short story and immediately had a comment from another forum member about places the thing needed to be expanded---which was exactly what I was thinking and intend to do. I was limited to 2000 words, but the contest has a 4000 word limit, so I can really make a difference in the story. There is a March 31 deadline for this contest.

Also, a writing newsletter to which I subscribe had links to two free hour-long telephone seminars---Your Next Step on the Road to Publishing Success and Overcome Your Blocks to Sales and Presentations. Since I just went with magicJack internet phone, the calls will be free, too. Check out the website for the seminars and look into magicJack, too Hey--free is free---and until I make my first million (<--picture me laughing madly), free is the only way to go!

All in all, it's been a most satisfactory day! Lady is curled contentedly beside me here in the study. It has been a gloomy, wet, windy day, and when we went out awhile ago, there were snow flurries! She says that is NO WEATHER for a Lady! (It is still coming down on my daffodils and budding Bradford pear tree!)


nlindabrit said...

I am so happy for you! I am sure having a crit partner will be an enormous help to you. The seminars sound excellent too. Good luck with the competition!

K9friend said...

It's wonderful to have someone whose opinion you value take a look at your work. Nothing like a "fresh eye" for new perspective!