Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yet Another New Story Published Online

The winter issue of the ezine Literary Magic is up. Check it out here for my story, "No One Ever Died of a Broken Heart". I'm tickled pink--or blue--or whatever!

Right now I'm trying to write a synopsis for a story I'm submitting to a print magazine called New Love Stories. "Carry Me Home" is based on real-life happenings in my hometown in 1882. Two writing buddies have looked over the story, made suggestions, and pronounced it ready for submission. So all I need is a synopsis, and it's off. They pay quite nicely--so I have my fingers crossed that I'll hear something good from them in their 10-12 week time frame for reviewing.

I'm also doing a third read-through of Finding Papa's Shining Star. This will be the last revision, then there will be a spell check, and then I'll have to write a synopsis. I put off my very favorite thing until the last. (Visualize sad face here.)

It's a full-time endeavor, writing is. And, it's hard work. My brain protests regularly. But what fun!

All right---onward!


K9friend said...

Hope you get good news on the new story and congrats on another publication!

nlindabrit said...

I have just read No One Ever Died of a Broken Heart and I loved it! I never even saw the punchline coming. It was masterly and a gem to read!

Heartiest congratulations to you, dear friend!