Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Synopses, Contests, and All That Jazz

Well, the synopsis is written and submitted. I queried my editor first to see if she was ready for it since we are still doing edits on Where Is Papa's Shining Star? There is no rush on WIPSS because our plan is to release both books (if the second one is contracted, of course) within a month of each other and with a chapter of FIPSS in the back of WIPSS as a sort of marketing tool.

Anyway, I told Nan that I wasn't happy with the synopsis, so she wrote back and offered to "tweak" it before submitting it to the editor-in-chief for final approval and a contract offer. She's terrific! I told her to do whatever she thought was necessary---that at my age, ego had long since flown, and I'd take all the help I could get!

So onto the next project. There are two NaNoWriMo novels waiting to be rewritten. They are SO BAD! I was after the word count, of course. I've started on this year's novel, Blue Velvet, as it seems to have more potential for revision and redemption.

Oh, here's something fun! I've entered a 24-hour short story contest. At noon on Saturday, I'll be emailed a prompt, and I have until noon on Sunday to write and submit a short story based on said prompt! It was $5, the cost of a Subway sandwich, easily foregone, and it looked interesting. Prizes are $300/$250/$200 + several honorable mentions, also publication and other perks.

I discarded another contest because the entry fee was high compared to the monetary prize and NO publication. There are still some contests I'm considering, but the deadlines are a couple of months away, so there's time.

My biggest challenge right now is making a "trailer" for WIPSS to go on my website. I've looked at the "how-to" but wish some fairy godmother would appear to wave her wand and make it happen!

Anyway, chapter two of Blue Velvet is waiting to be worked on.


K9friend said...

What a relief to have your synopsis done, and how nice that it will receive a knowledgeable "tweak"! It definitely helps to have someone on your side who knows what the publishing house is looking for!
Congrats and good luck!

nlindabrit said...

That sounds very promising! Clearly, Nan is optimistic about you getting a contract for the second novel and how nice of her to help with the synopsis.

The short story contest sounds like great fun! Good luck with it.