Friday, January 23, 2009

Slowing Down

The revision of Blue Velvet was going well until I hit Chapter Fourteen. It's a turning point, so maybe that's where the hitch came. The word count is almost 36K, so that's on target for a goal of 65K. Now, however, I'm getting into the sticky part of the story, and I already know it needs a major overhaul. (Frowning here)

It seems to me that writers should by all rights be the least egotistical species of "creative" folks. How bad is a first draft? And a second? Even a third needs tweaking, sometimes in a major way. I know that musical performers, for example, must study and practice, but then they get out on stage and give a fantastic performance. They have a right to be proud. Meanwhile, those of us who work with words struggle through rewrite after rewrite and are still dissatisfied.

Still, this is what I do, and I doing it, whether or not the end result is immediately satisfying-which, of course, it's usually not. So, I shall struggle on---wherever it is I'm going!


K9friend said...

ticitWe certainly are our own harshest critics, aren't we? Yet I prefer that to those who throw words on paper, assume the words are genius, and become offended if a suggestion is offered. Revision? No way!

K9friend said...

Pardon the "ticit" at the beginning of my comment! Apparently part of my word verification appeared in the wrong place! The gremlins are at work today.

nlindabrit said...

Stick with it, dear friend! There is a terrific story there and I just know you are going to succeed in producing a version you can be happy with. I shall cheer you on all the way.

Gimme a J gimme a U:)