Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Chores

It's not even noon, and I've checked off the writing goals for the day! First, I revised another chapter of Finding Papa's Shining Star, the sequel to the novel that will be released this year. I've set one chapter per day as my revision goal, but that doesn't mean that more than one can't be done. I just don't want to burn out, and that's easy to do. I am easily bored with my own writing after awhile.

Then I printed a short-story for a contest. It must be postmarked by the 12th, and I need to get a money order for the entry fee, which means a trip to the front of the Village. (Have I mentioned that I do not like living twenty miles from nowhere?) Anyway, the package is neatly done, labels professionally printed, etc. I love my new postage scale which saves waiting in line at the post office!

I also started an expense sheet for my new "writing career". Oh, doesn't that sound high-falutin'? (As my mother would say!) I do NOT come from stock that considered it polite to toot one's own horn, so I do so tongue-in-cheek. I am keeping up with every penny that goes OUT to further said pursuits and, hopefully, a few pennies which will come in from such. I do have two checks coming, so those will be welcomed and added as income.

Another online magazine, Literary Magic, has accepted a story for publication in their winter issue. And A Long Story Short is going to do some of my "Kate Chronicles" stories (rewritten) as a series. Neither of these are paying markets, but I will put in a plug for the latter as being listed as one of the 101 Best Writing Websites in Writers' Digest for five years.

It's been a productive day so far. Hope that is the foretaste of things to come for this brand new year.


nlindabrit said...

You are embarking on this new and exciting phase of your writing life in a very professional and organized way. I feel sure there are wonderful successes in prospect for you and no-one deserves that success more. Congratulations on the story series in A Long Story Short and also for the acceptance of a story by Literary Magic.

K9friend said...

Wonderful news, Judy! Be proud of and enjoy your success.