Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Online Writing Group!

With Lenona's encouragement, I joined an online writing forum guided by one of the editors of A Long Story Short which has published two of my short stories and is scheduled to publish more of my Kate stories. It works this way: Members are sent topics from which to choose. They write a draft and put it up for critique by the other members of their group. Next comes a revision and more critique. Finally, there is a finished piece.

When I emailed to say I was interested if there was a slot available, the editor assigned me to a poetry group as well as a short-story group. My initial reaction was, "Oh, dear!" But I used to write poetry all the time--the old-fashioned rhymed kind. After thinking it over, I decided this is a good opportunity to spread my writing wings a bit.

Since January is almost finished, I will begin in February. The goal is, as I understand it, to come up with finished pieces ready (or almost ready) for submission, and the editor sends out market ideas regularly. Leona already does some honest crits for me, so I hope the others in the group are as helpful. She feels they will be.

Yesterday I took Blue Velvet down another path, but I'm not sure I'm satisfied yet. I'd like to get this first revision finished, even if the novel gets put away for a few months afterwards. It's just the idea of having a finished project tucked away for future work.

So, new writing adventures loom, and that's exciting. The daffodils hold a promise for the future, and I'm hanging onto that.


nlindabrit said...

Wow! That sounds like quite a challenge. I wish you luck with the new forums.

How wise of you to take your time with Blue Velvet and let your new ideas evolve naturally.

K9friend said...

I'm sure you'll learn a lot from the group's feedback. And poetry? Hey, we want to write beautifully, don't we? What better way to practice that skill than through poetry?