Thursday, January 8, 2009

Novel Writing Tips or, A Good Excuse to Take a Break from Revision #2

I am supposed to be revising YET AGAIN today, and I've done a little. Stopping to read email is an effective way of "taking a break". I thought I'd pass on today's Fiction Writing newsletter/blog from Ginny Wiehardt at I get lots of information from this one, including contests and writing tips.

One of today's articles is on novel writing. I've read all this before, but I like the way the ideas are laid out in easy-to-take-in steps. The interesting detail that SIXTEEN YEARS passed between the writing and publishing of Pride and Prejudice overwhelms me! All right, so it's an enduring classic, but I'd rather not wait sixteen years if you don't mind.

All right, all right, back to revision #2. My eye grows more critical each time, and I think more often, "This is bad!" In all honestly, the changes I've made in the weak beginning aren't all that bad. They're not all that good either, but I'm not done yet.


nlindabrit said...

Thank you for the tip! I agree about Pride and Prejudice . . . 16 yrs is a trifle too long!

I am cheering you on as you revise, dear friend. I know all too well the crises of confidence one encounters along the way. You'll get there!

K9friend said...

Revision is tedious work. Remember we're all rooting you to get that sequel published, my girl!