Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Off!

The 24-hour short story is off! It wasn't as hard as I'd anticipated, and the prompt parameters were quite loose--just the idea had to be incorporated. One of Writers Weekly hints was to "think outside the box" and have a good strong ending. So I sat down and listed ideas that were both in and out of the box as far as setting and plot ideas and went from there. Thanks to the house elf and writing buddy Leona for critiquing the finished product.

Ending up with 1,060 words, exactly 110 more than the stated limit, I was faced with taking the story to the chopping block! Easier said than done, but right up until the time I hit "send", I was still finding ways to tighten things up.

Because it was a "vintage" piece, I had to stop on occasion and do some research. I try hard not to have any anachronisms! So, I had to find a car (circa 1915), make sure that a certain store was really in existence at the time, think about how to briefly and accurately describe what my characters were wearing, and be sure that the song lyrics I used were in the public domain. (I used four lines from "The Sweetest Story Ever Told" by Charles Stultz, circa 1892, one of which was the title of my story---"Tell Me That You Love Me".

I'm finding that I enjoy writing short stories, something I never really thought about except for the BV postings. I focused on novels. And speaking of novels, Blue Velvet is bogged down, having turned nauseatingly trite. Perhaps it's yet salvageable...though 10K words short of what I need.

What did Scarlet O'Hara say? "I'll think about it tomorrow."


Leona said...

Good luck on this story! I know you will do well! Short story writing is fun, isn't it? Longer too much thought and continuity! LOL Anyway, good luck and happy writing!

nlindabrit said...

I am so glad you had fun writing your competition story. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how it was going.

K9friend said...

Hope you get good feedback soon! I'm sure you sent them a winner!