Saturday, January 24, 2009

24-Hour Writing Contest

Today I'm registered to participate in a 24-hour writing contest sponsored by Writers Weekly. Its website says that it is "the highest-circulation freelance writing ezine in the world". The prompt and word-count limit will be emailed to participants at noon CST today, and the completed story must be received in their email inbox by noon CST on Sunday.

The fee was $5, and it sounded like fun. Also, the prizes are worth the effort: $300/$250/$200 plus publication and various perks in the form of subscriptions and how-to books.

In awhile, I'm off to the store to stock-up on Diet DP and may treat myself to a Subway club sandwich for good measure. Then it's home settle in the recliner with the lappy.

1 comment:

nlindabrit said...

This sounds like an excellent contest and a fun one too! I wish you luck. Have a very happy writing day!