Sunday, December 28, 2008

My First Interview--Ahem!

I couldn't resist the graphic to accompany the link to "my first interview".

These were the questions I was asked to respond to after "A Very Kate Christmas" was named as Editor's Selection in the Words of Belief Holiday Writing Contest. I am ashamed to admit that I forgot about it (or maybe that's a good thing, who knows?), but I thought of it today and checked their website, and voila! There it was!

So please tell me I didn't come off as a dunce! The other author's answers were so well-thought-out and professional, while mine are just me.

Honestly, I'm not preening myself as little Marie Aristocat, but I am saying that it's a lot of fun!


Donna Alice said...

It does sound just like you!! And who cares what the other writers sound like - you won so you are a professional!! Enjoy!!

nlindabrit said...

I think you came across as a sincere and real person giving honest answers to the interviewer. Well done!

K9friend said...

I think your answers were down-to-earth with a touch of humor that read beautifully.