Saturday, December 27, 2008

Exercise in Fives

First let me say that this idea came from The Muffin, which is the Women on Writing blog--check the sidebar for the link. I don't think it originated there, but I've been unable to track down the actual source. So I'm stating, for the record and the sake of not infringing on anyone's copyrighted idea, that the exercise came from somewhere! Here it is:

What were you doing five years ago (December, 2003)?
  • spending the first Christmas without my parents who died within 9 weeks of each other in January and April of that year
  • teaching in a middle school language center in Fort Worth, Texas
  • learning to be "on my own" with no one to answer to for the first time in 59 years
  • writing fan fiction for The Big Valley website
  • beginning to think about retirement in the near future

What are five jobs that you've had?

  • cafeteria server (in college)
  • library assistant (in college)
  • residential assistant/switchboard (in college)
  • front-desk receptionist and general flunkie
  • educational consultant for a software company
  • teacher

(I know that's six, but I learned a lot doing all of them!)

What are five things on your list today? (Since this is the end of the day, I'll list 5 things I've accomplished)

  • organized notebook of possible writing contests, submissions
  • updated "to do" lists re: writing
  • installed new magicJack plug-in and software to provide internet phone service with free incoming/outgoing 24/7
  • changed sheets
  • sorted laundry

What are five snacks that you enjoy?

  • popcorn
  • chickenfeed
  • chocolate
  • string cheese
  • nachos

What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?

  • Have a fund from which to contribute to so many worthy causes that crop up daily
  • Buy a motorhome
  • Travel in Europe
  • Visit Washington D.C.
  • Build a writing retreat (like right outside the back door!)

The possibilities for these excercises are endless and interesting--and make one remember the past and think about the future.

I recommend The Muffin. It comes to my inbox on a daily basis and is great reading!


nlindabrit said...

Oh, this is a fun idea! I want to play too:

Five years ago, December 2003, I was thinking hard about my workplace situation. I was finding it increasingly difficult to struggle in to the office every day and wondering how long I could soldier on for. (I ceased work four months later.)

LOL! I cannot name five jobs I have had, as I have only ever had three. I used to do some paid babysitting as a schoolgirl and I also had a weekend job as a librarian. Other than that, my entire 33 year working life was spent as a Civil Servant in the Social Security Office.

Five things I have accomplished today, well it is early yet, so I'll cheat and include yesterday. I have finished my latest BV story and resurrected three unfinished ones to complete. My goal was to complete one long story this year, so I could start posting it in the New Year. I have actually exceeded that and written three so I am happy.

I have reached out to an old friend and heard back from her.

I have laid the basis of an improvement in my lifestyle for next year.

Five snacks I enjoy:


Baked crisps (chips to American friends)

Ice Cream (My great weakness)

Cashew nuts


Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Set up a charitable foundation to support my favourite causes.

Pay for all the members of my Internet group to meet up for a grand get-together.

Cruise the world on my own boat.

fund education courses for poor children with brains.

Found my own theatre.

K9friend said...

The fantastic five! I'll stick with one of my favorite daydreams--hitting the Powerball Jackpot and being blessed with endless income! Then I'd:
1. Establish a foundation that would primarily fund small animal protection groups--the ones without the professional fundraising staff that always struggle to survive.
2. Retire and start writing full time!!!!
3. Give financial assistance to family members/friends in need.
4. Build a new home in the middle of about 50 acres (not big, but with all the amenities I'd love to have such as my own office space!!!
5. Increase my critter capacity to include a horse or two, along with hiring folks to help me care for them all!!!

Ah, bliss!