Tuesday, December 16, 2008

End in Sight!

Today I hit 50K words for Finding Papa's Shining Star, the sequel to the novel already under contract. The end---65K---is in sight. Then comes revision, but I'm rather anxious to get to that. As I write, I think back to the weak spots in previous passages and want them fixed ASAP!

The story has taken a turn that I didn't expect when I first conceived WIPSS. It was all one story then, but it was becoming too long. So, I cut it off and took up the story ten years on.

I've had to do a lot of research to get the historical facts straight. How wonderful to have the information available with the click of the mouse!

Also, today I discovered Windows Movie Maker and played with it a bit. When I get the pictures I need, I'm confident I can make a "trailer" to add to my website. One of the marketing "tips" I picked up somewhere was to put the trailer on a DVD and take a portable DVD player to a book-signing. I have the little portable player, so now all I need is the trailer to "hook 'em in"!

My goal is to get the 65K words written before Christmas, allow the file to "sit" while I work on some short stories which will, hopefully, bring in some revenue for the marketing fund.

January will be for revising and submitting a synopsis to Nan, the lovely editor who is working on WIPSS with me. Recently the Wild Rose Press Blog had an entry about "trusting your editor". Believe me, I do. She has been so patient and open to questions, and every comment she made on the ms was right on target. She has scheduled the second read-through for this week. Then the staff will be on a much-deserved vacation for two weeks.

I'm not sure where 2008 went, but a lot has happened in the past 12 months. I've done some things that I never expected to do and learned a great deal. But there's more to be done and more to learn. . .so I shall trudge on!


nlindabrit said...

You should be so very proud of how far you have come in this year. I am so pleased Finding Papa's Shining Star is going so well! Congratulations on a job well done.

K9friend said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment! I know editing is hard work, but you're making fantastic progress toward your goal.

Donna Alice said...

Sure hope you make that Christmas deadline to finish the ms. My writing has gone by the wayside during this busiest of seasons. I'm looking forward to setting new goals in January. Funny, at the start of 2008, you never dreamed all the great things in store for you!! Here's hoping 2009 is another year of many successes.