Friday, December 5, 2008

Being a Tortoise

It occurs to me that I have started off with something of a bang, which could easily fade away without so much as an echo! That thought alone should keep my feet on the ground!

I have been "in consultation" with writing friends. One read and passed on the interview questionaire sent out by the Words of Belief Holiday Writing Contest. I told her I wanted to sound neither dumb nor nose in the air. I knew she would tell me if I leaned toward either extreme!

The second has critiqued my website and offered some valid suggestions for improving the look as well as practical tips for such thinks as links. I'm working on it.

How lucky I am to have these two friends with unique talents!

Speaking of the website, I emailed Words of Belief and asked permission to use the judges' remarks, the excerpt they chose, the book cover, and a link to their website. They gave me a thumbs up, so it's done, and I've now asked them to check it out to be sure that I've not infringed on any material copyrighted to Words of Belief. Hopefully, all is well.

If I am being a tortoise instead of a hare, so much the better. I don't have to get where I'm going in a hurry, just get there. Also, it might be nice to figure out where I'm going and not get lost in the rush!

I've long wanted to publish---and at this point in my life, it's something I want to enjoy, not stress over. I'm not going to get rich. My little tales aren't going to be on The New York Times Best Seller List. I'm going to continue to collect rejection slips along the way. (Someone told me once that you are not a "real" writer until you have a rejection slip file!)

It seems to me that the greatest reward is a sense of accomplishment, kind words from readers, and the sharing of success (and failure) with true friends.

There is a certain lingering sadness in the knowledge that my mother would have reveled in all this. To her, despite any evidence to the contrary, it would have been a monumental event! Mothers are like that, of course. I miss sharing each step of the way with Clair, too.

When the "bang" has faded to an echo and then into silence, the tortoise will plod on. . .and on. . .and on. . .


K9friend said...

Now, Miss Tortoise, you do remember who won the race, don't you? I'm with you. I'd far rather take my time on something than rush through and be stressed and unhappy with the result.

nlindabrit said...
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nlindabrit said...

I think you are doing the exact right thing in approaching the marketing of your work your way. I wholeheartedly agree with you that this is an experience you wish to enjoy not stress about.

I feel sure that Clair is cheering you on every step of the way.