Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Awhile back, my good writing friend Donna sent me the link to a holiday contest story with two prizes (1st and 2nd) and 13 finalists, all of which would be published in an anthology. I sent in a story, hoping to be one of the finalists. This morning I woke to an email notifying me that I have won 2nd place! I squealed for a full 5 minutes, something that is totally out of character for me. Lady even came running in to see what was wrong with Mommy!

Obviously, I am pleased (to put it mildly), but things are happening almost too fast for me. Getting some stories accepted, the book contract, and now this---it's just hard to take it all in. How do I explain how painfully shy I have always been about being in the spotlight? Just seeing my name and the kind comments on their website (http://www.wordsofbelief.com/--- look left and click on contest winners) made me squirm. And there is the prospect of marketing Where Is Papa's Shining Star? and, hopefully, its sequel. It must be done---and I wish I had a clone to do it!

Can an old dog learn new tricks? I'm not sure. Maybe the question should be, does an old dog want to learn new tricks? I feel rather like I've been caught in an avalanche and am not sure I really want to be rescued!

Someone send out a St. Bernard with a keg full of courage!


nlindabrit said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the editor's very complimentary words about your story. I could not agree with her more!

K9friend said...

Congratulations! It really makes you feel great when others admire your work enough to honor it.

Leona said...

I am so happy for you my friend. Your success is so well earned. Congratulations!

PattyK said...

Judy. . .CONGRATULATIONS--both on your book which is going to be published and on doing so well in the Christmas story contest. (Donna updates me on your adventures in writing.) You are really cooking with gas! And congrats on completing NANO too. You totally rock!