Monday, November 17, 2008

No More NaNoWriMo!

I finished my NaNo novel, Blue Velvet, with 43 words to spare! It is unarguably the worst thing I've ever written! Oh, the story idea is good, and I like my characters, although they need a lot of developing. But the whole idea was to get the words down, and down they are! When I revise and rewrite, I'll add the historical facts that will make it more interesting, too.

NOW I need to get on with Finding Papa's Shining Star, the sequel to the first unreleased novel with TWRP. I want to get it written and submitted so that, if it is accepted, it can be a "coming soon" part of marketing Where Is Papa's Shining Star?

I have bits and pieces of it written. Well, actually, there are huge chunks of it mouldering away in computer folders. That's why it couldn't be used for NaNo. It was all one book, actually, until I realized how unwieldy that was and decided to split it up.

So, that's the next project. Hmmm. Writing is a full-time activity--and darned hard work!

If you haven't checked in on WOW! Women on Writing Blog: The Muffin, follow the link on the right of this page. It's crawling with information and ideas, and you can e-subscribe to it. I enjoy reading it when it pops up regularly in my email.

Now I must go pat myself on the back for finishing 50,043 words in 17 days. If, of course, I can get my weary hands off the keyboard!


K9friend said...

You can color me impressed. I love hearing about folks who take the 50,000 word challenge and run with it.
Actually, run isn't the right phrase. I think you traveled the distance on a space shuttle!

nlindabrit said...

You have done a terrific job, heartiest congratulations to you, dear friend!

I know it is only a first draft, but as you once remarked to me, you cannot edit a blank page, so it is always a good idea to get the initial words written.

Good luck to you with the sequel to your novel, Where is Papa's Shining Star, too. It is important to press on and have more material available that is what being a pro is all about. You should be so proud of all you have achieved.