Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaNo 2008--I Did It!

Okay, folks, I just had to add my "winner's" logo to this blog! I actually did it--and in 17 days, too! Though it is BAD, the story idea has possibililties, and I like the characters. It just needs some major revising--but the word count is there!

This one was for you, Clair! All right, I see you rolling your eyes at me, but I know that you'd say, "Well, good!" I always planned for you to be there at the first book signing, too, you know. I have a feeling you'll be the "angel on my shoulder". Love you and miss you!


Leona said...

Woohoo! Congrats Judy! I knew you could do it and with that extra push from your Clair angel, you achieved a milestone! I'm so proud of you!

K9friend said...

Fantastic accomplishment! Stringing 50,000+ words together is a major deal in my opinion, whether it needs a lot of tweaking or not.

nlindabrit said...

Clair will be so very proud of you. Congratulations, my friend.