Sunday, November 23, 2008

Link to a Must-Read and Other Ramblings

I subscribe to WriterBewareBlogs and find it extremely informative. Today's blog is a must-read, so I'm including the link in the body of the text even though it's in the list on the right.

Today's blog covers a wide range of subjects, including what's going on at major publishing houses in these lean economic times (slashed pensions, for example), as well as links to writing synopses and query letters, surely the bane of every budding author's existence!

There is also information on a new software calle Greenprint which is ecologically-friendly in that it allows you to print only what you need from a page, saving ink and paper in the process. There is a free download, although an advertisement-free download may be purchased for around $30.

For laughs, there's a "bad sex scene" link--but I only got so far as to find the few I looked at just plain silly and totally without redemptive humor--in my opinion, of course. Give me "fade to black" any day and let me imagine gentleness, tenderness, respect, joy--you know, all those things that accompany true love!

I highly recommend this blog, folks! There's also a site called Preditors and Editors that I always check out before entering a contest or submitting. It's worth a look, too.

I am still editing! Even though the editor made relatively few suggestions for change, the ones she made were on the mark--and outstanding in that they helped me focus on other areas that needed to be looked at with a critical eye. She said that she loves what she does---thank goodness for that! It is grueling work. Still, I press on because I want Where Is Papa's Shining Star? to reflect well on me as an author (fledgling though I might be) and on the publisher who is taking a chance on same.

So--back to work. Groan. And this is only the first round, and then there are the dreaded galleys. . .where are the halycon days of writing my little fan-fic tales and posting with only a quick edit?

Seriously, this opportunity is high on my list of blessings for which I am grateful this Thanksgiving season--and I am determined to give it my best.


K9friend said...

Thanks for the link. Looks like some interesting reading.
And good luck as you continue with the editing process. It's slow going, but I know you'll be proud of the finished product!

nlindabrit said...

Thank you for a most interesting link and good luck with the editing!