Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Good Swift Kick Is Needed Again!

I am dragging my feet AND my fingers at the computer with Finding Papa's Shining Star. It's plotted out, and big chunks are already done--just need to be copied and pasted into the new document--so WHY am I not getting more done?

Maybe what I need is a goal of X number of words a day like I did with NaNo. The problem is, while I got those words down, they were awful! When I'm working seriously on something like this, I do take more time to edit as I go. That's a good thing, however. I don't want to end up with 65K worth of total garbage that takes twice as long to edit and revise!

The sun is shining through the windows in the study. We're all in here soaking it up--Hanna in her play yard and I in my recliner with Lady at my feet. A peaceful setting. Drowsy. Doesn't lend itself to productivity.

Le sigh. Le yawn. Okay--I will finish another 2000 words before I go to bed tonight! Or it's the wooden spoon! Goodness knows, there are enough of them out there!


K9friend said...

You never cease to impress me. After 50,000 words, I probably would have taken a month off!
Good for you for keeping your fingers to the keyboard!

Leona said...

Yep..I got my spoon right here, Judy! Just kidding..You're doing wonderful, don't be so hard on yourself! Like Pat said...I too would have taken some time off! LOL..keep up the good work! You know I'm proud of you my friend!

nlindabrit said...

This is, as you so rightly say, vastly different to NanoWrimo. You want to do your best work on the sequel and it is your habit to edit as you go. I feel sure it will all come right. Be gentle with yourself, my friend.